In Spring of 2007, Zeta Gamma Housing Incorporated was formed and our new alumni Board of Directors is taking on the challenges associated with procuring a chapter house. The initial ZG Housing Board of Directors was elected by the then-standing Executive Council of the Active Chapter (Spring 2007). These founding members were Sean-Paul Ferrera, Jose Gamero, Will Brandenburg, Jessica Swaney-Lovering, and Grace Chapman. The corporation now has Non-Profit status and has started to collect donations from our great alumni because of their leadership.


      The purpose of this corporation is to acquire a chapter house for active brothers to conduct Fraternity events such as chapter meetings and executive council meetings. The house will also be a place where alumni can return to join brothers old and new and share experiences of their time in Theta Tau.


     The monetary goal, as well as the amount of money that has already been raised, is being determined and will be updated.

      We thank everyone that has or will donate to this great Zeta Gamma endeavor. If you would like to be a part of this corporation or have any suggestions, direct all emails to ZGHousing@gmail.com. Donation information through Paypal can be found at the bottom of the page.

Housing Board of Directors

Brett Gilmore
Vice President
Mario Browne
Megan Wolfe
Cara Guyette
Financial Development
Erin Melady
ΖΓ Honorary Alumni Commission Chairperson
Jason Silvers

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